Indigenous Families

Breastfeeding Education Videos (Presented by Stephanie George, Aboriginal Midwife)

Part 1: Preparing to Breastfeed

Part 2: How the Breast Makes Milk

Part 3: Supply & Demand

Part 4: Baby Led Latching

Part 5: Positioning and Latch

Part 6: How to Know Your Baby is Getting Enough

Part 7: Getting Help

Full video (Parts 1-7) Stephanie George, Lactation Consultant, Aboriginal Midwife

Why Breastfeed?
The Breast Makes Milk
The Baby Latches, Suckles, and Drinks at the Breast
Mom and Baby Come Together to Feed
Co-Parenting and Breastfeeding

Additional Videos

The Creator’s Gift to Mothers

The Way of the Past is the Way of the Future; Promoting Breastfeeding Among First Nations Communities

Downloadable Resources

Click here to access: Best Start Resource Centre. (2017). Breastfeeding for the Health and Future of Our Nation: A Booklet for Indigenous Families. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For resources for Indigenous families visit: